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Natural Born Clairvoyant


Life is about gaining knowledge and growing from your experiences. The Four Realities: Personality, Physicality, Soulality and Spirituality. Integrating them is the key


Seminars / Workshops, Consulting, Life coach, Speaking engagements, Soul readings and Healing Retreats


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OMENA is a natural-born Clairvoyant, Spiritual Medium and Soul Historian. I use my gifts to explore ways to break life patterns that no longer serve your higher good. My life mission is to educate about the soul and to help bring people to a higher level of self-awareness. Enjoy learning about yourself without feeling as if you are in Therapy.

She will delight, surprise, and sometimes startle you with her ability to know your inner personality, your fears, other people in your life, why you live life the way you do, significant events in your life and much more.

She helps people to grow by providing them with a clear understanding of themselves, their relationships with people, places, and situations in their lives. What sets her apart from many in her field is her collection of powerful tools that are at her disposal. No wonder as someone said: “A session with OMENA is like getting 20 years of therapy in an hour” along with many a-ha moments.

OMENA respects everyone’s free will and does not go into anyone’s space without their permission!