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Philomena McGee a.k.a. OMENA offers a stress – free, holistic (non-clinical) approach to counseling, coaching and therapy. Her mission – to help people who struggle with unresolved personal and relationship issues, and who seek a deeper, more meaningful understanding of themselves, and the people in their lives; for the purpose of improving the quality of their life and relationships. Before retiring in the spring of 2016, OMENA had worked in the mental health field for 40 years.

OMENA is a soul historian, clairvoyant, spiritual medium who possess a supernatural ability – The Gift of Knowing. Consultations with OMENA can be in person or over the telephone. All you need to do is give OMENA your first name, or someone else’s. She will ask the soul in question for permission to clearly and accurately tell you things about yourself or (someone else), that only you or (they) would know. She can describe how you are, how you act, and think the way you do. She can also tell you about the past lives you have lived, memories all stored in your soul.

She conducts one–on–one, couples and group session, speaks at public events and has been on several media outlets.

Extended Biography

Philomena McGee, a.k.a. OMENA, is the third oldest of nine children. She was born in Ireland in a laborer’s cottage and was whisked off to church that very same day for the sacrament of Baptism to ensure Limbo had one less soul.

When she was seven years old and in First Communion class she was told that she had not reached the age of reasoning, because she asked too many questions about the soul. Philomena was so distraught at the thought of her soul going to hell without First Communion she had a dream that was her first spiritual awaking. Jesus appeared to her and told her that she was loved and that, “Receiving your First Communion is not as important as knowing you are a soul of God and loved. Remember that and no harm will ever come to you no matter what others may think of you.

From that day on Philomena’s gifts began to surface. She began telling people things about themselves that Philomena could not possibly know. These gifts soon got her into trouble, particularly with her elders, as you can well imagine! Philomena was primarily raised primarily in a single parent home. Her childhood was spent in poverty, wondering where the next meal came from. She and her family worked for local farmers in exchange for food and small pay. She and her siblings went to school when it did not rain.

It rained a lot.

When Philomena was 13 her mother died suddenly and tragically, hit by a car driven by a drunk driver while walking home from her own mother’s house.  Her death landed Philomena, her five sisters, and two brothers in an orphanage. A friend of Philomena’s, who had lived at the orphanage, was working in a mansion, the Russborough House. This friend would return to the orphanage to regale her siblings and OMENA with stories about life in Russborough House. Omena (already a believer in manifestation) told her friend that she, too, would be working there one day. There and no place else. Shortly after OMENA’s 16thbirthday, the orphanage found her work in a mansion, Russborough House, as an upstairs maid – just as OMENA said it would be.

“Within three years, I went from an impoverished home to an orphanage, and now I was living and working in a millionaire’s mansion. Living in a rich man’s mansion and reading his books fed my soul, gave life to feelings of buried sorrows, and a longing for love yet realized. They opened my soul, gave me hope, and helped heal my broken heart. I learned that being poor and living in an orphanage was not shameful, being rich was not happiness, but going to America at 18 would be a dream come true.”  ~ OMENA

OMENA immigrated to America in 1965 at age 18 with her fiancé. They married a year later. Omena gave birth to three children, a daughter and two sons. Her daughter passed away suddenly when she was four years old. When Philomena arrived in America she had only a sixth grade education. Juggling her roles as mother, wife and working mom didn’t deter her from earning her G.E.D.  Her education culminated in a master’s degree in human services.

With that degree OMENA accumulated over 40 years of experience in the mental health field. She held various jobs including Family Violence Counselor, Conflict Resolution Trainer, and Consultant for the Family Court System, Legal Services, and the CT Department of Children and Families, HIV/ AIDS, Addictions and Mental Health.

After a difficult divorce and putting her two sons through college, she continued to pursue her true passion as a Soul Historian, Clairvoyant and Spiritual Medium. The thirst for knowledge fueled her personal development. She began attending workshops and seminars on spirituality and healing. She studied Reiki and became a Reiki Master Teacher. She attended various classes on Metaphysics, spent a week in England at a Spiritual Ashram, walked on hot coals five times to face her fears, studied hypnotherapy and became a hypnotherapist. She studied various forms of meditations and read books on healing spirituality and metaphysics.

During the mid-1980’s she met her mentor Ted a powerful Master Healer and spiritual medium. On the day they met Ted insisted that OMENA should give him a reading. She did. From that day forward Ted took her under his wing and gave her the opportunity to conduct one-on-one sessions with him – and others – to help her to sharpen and fine tune her abilities, while learning how to execute on a higher level. The challenges and experiences with Ted was a game changer for her.

Looking back, OMENA was naturally gifted to do some of things she can do. What separates her from many in her field is the way she incorporates her natural born gifts, tools acquired from working over 40 years in the Mental Health Field, her personal spiritual growth and her supernatural gift, when resolving personal and relationship issues. With a powerful collection of tools at her disposal, no wonder as someone said: “A session with OMENA is like getting 20 years of therapy in an hour.”

Sample Interview Questions

  • What is a Soul Historian? What does a Soul Historian do?
  • What is the difference between a Soul Historian, Clairvoyant, Spiritual medium?
  • When should you contact a soul historian?
  • Who best benefits from a soul historian?
  • Can a soul historian replace my clergy person?
  • How is a soul historian different from a counselor, therapist, and coach?
  • What makes you unique compared to other mediums and clairvoyants?
  • Why should everyone know a Soul Historian?