• Frequently Asked Questions

How to Contact OMENA?

Phone: 860-871-6076 (please leave a message)
Email: omenacenter777@gmail.com
Website: www.omena777.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Omena777
Twitter: www.twitter.com/omena777

How do you conduct your sessions?

One on one in person, by telephone, SKYPE or ZOOM

How to prepare for your session with OMENA?

  1. Do NOT send or show me the list of your questions
  2. We highly recommend you record the session.
  3. OMENA only needs first names and your relationships with other persons you inquire about.
  4. You are encouraged to ask about anything or anybody

How to pay for the session?

PayPal or cash

How to book a session?

To book a session, please click the BOOK NOW button and fill out the form, email us, or call and leave a message.

What to expect from a session with OMENA?

OMENA will meet you where you are at. She puts you at ease, uses humor as a leveler; and you get out of it what you put into it.

How does a Soul Historian differ from a therapist?

A therapist helps you work through issues and feelings and tries to identify the underlying reasons with you. A soul historian provides you with information about yourself by connecting with your soul through which you gain deeper insight into the roots or origins of issues, feelings, situations, affecting your current lifetime. This insight offers you information that can be applied it to your life on an everyday basis!

Can a Soul Historian help me with my Illness?

Yes! By reading the history of your soul, a soul historian can tell you if you brought the illness in from another lifetime or what emotional stuff is tied to it to help you heal yourself.

Does a Soul Historian predict the future?

No! No one can predict the future because of our free will, however, a soul historian can help you discover what is blocking you from the future that you want.

Can a Soul Historian help me find a spouse?

No! That is free will choice but a soul historian can help you identify why you are not getting the spouse you want. Energy attracts like energy.

Can a Soul Historian speak to the deceased?

Yes! It’s all a part of being a medium.

Is a Soul Historian like a priest, rabbi or minister?

No. Soul historians have more to do with spirituality, not religion.

What problems can a Soul Historian help me with?

A soul historian can help you with whatever problem you identify and coach you on how to let go of them.

Can OMENA cure my problems?

No, she offers insight and information as to why you have them.

What does OMENA do as a clairvoyant?

She can see clearly into your problem and clearly see the solution(s). As a clairvoyant, OMENA can help you put the pieces of what is troubling you together to help to sort out the problem(s), put them in order, and offer insight into how to solve them.

What does a medium do?

As a medium, OMENA has the ability to communicate with people who have passed over in order to help guide loved ones they have left behind.

What’s the difference between a medium and a psychic?

All psychics operate on different levels, some are mediums some are clairvoyant they do different things according to their experience and level of development.

Can a psychic be a medium?

Yes. OMENA is an example of one.