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    To set up an interview with OMENA, contact her agent, Richard Palmer:
    Omena777@att.net or 1-860-871-6076

Imagine meeting a person who:

  • Lights up your day with her presence
  • Inspires you with her incredible insights
  • Captures your imagination with her quick Irish wit
  • Brings about a feeling of being lighter and more energized

OMENA is a natural-born Clairvoyant, Spiritual Medium and Soul Historian

She will delight, surprise, and sometimes startle you with her ability to know your inner personality, your fears, other people in your life, why you live life the way you do, significant events in your life and much more.

She helps people to grow by providing them with a clear understanding of themselves, their relationships with people, places, and situations in their lives. What sets her apart from many in her field is her collection of powerful tools that are at her disposal. No wonder as someone said: “A session with OMENA is like getting 20 years of therapy in an hour” along with many a-ha moments.

OMENA respects everyone’s free will and does not go into anyone’s space without their permission!

OMENA’s Story in A Nutshell

OMENA was born and raised in County Kilkenny Ireland in a family of nine children, primarily raised by a single mother. Her gifts began to emerge as a young child and people would say: “She has a vivid imagination” or “She knows too much”. People were annoyed because she knew things about them and their lives, that only they could know.

After OMENA immigrated to America at age 18 with her fiancé, with only a sixth-grade education, she juggled her roles as mother, wife and working mom while completing her G.E.D.; and furthering her education, that eventually led to a master’s degree in Human Services.

Her thirst for knowledge fueled her personal development as a Soul Historian, Clairvoyant and Spiritual Medium. During the 80’s she met a powerful Master Healer and Spiritual Medium, who confirmed her natural gifts and became her mentor. He helped her to gain control of, and fine tune her gifts, educating her on the ethics surrounding the use and misuse of her energy, which shaped her professional decorum to what it is today.

In addition, OMENA has accumulated over 40 years of experience in the mental health field. She held various positions including Family Violence Counselor, Conflict Resolution Trainer, and Consultant for the Family Court System, Legal Services, and the CT Department of Children and Families, HIV/ AIDS, Addictions and Mental Health.

Read her extended bio here

How does OMENA work?

  • She needs a first name only (yours and any other person the question is about)
  • If your question is about another person, she also needs to know their relationship to you (siblings, parents, boss (past/present/future), friend etc.).
  • She will tell you what to do, but you have to do the work to transform your life
  • No topic is off limits!
  • Her insights only cover the questions asked
  • She does not tell fortunes or make predictions

Why do People seek OMENA’s insights?

  • Self-awareness (past / present and future)
  • Relationship issues
  • Core issues & absolute decisions
  • Life transitions
  • Making Life decisions
  • Challenging life events
  • Root cause of health-related issues
  • Understanding of rational & irrational fears
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication with loved ones who passed over
  • Spiritual guidance & personal coaching
  • Karma & past lives
  • Communication with the souls of babies
  • Bilocating (people, places and animals)

Sample Interview Questions

  • What is a Soul Historian and what do they do?
  • What is the difference between a Soul Historian, Clairvoyant, and Spiritual Medium?
  • When should you contact a Soul Historian?
  • Can a Soul Historian replace my Clergy person?
  • How is a Soul Historian different from a Counselor, Therapist, and Coach?
  • What makes you unique compared to other Mediums and Clairvoyants?

VIP guests are asked to check in at the ticket table prior to the 1:00pm start and will be escorted to the Meet and Greet.

VIP seating includes:
  • Reserved premium seating
  • Meet and greet with photo opportunities with OMENA
  • Special gift
  • A chance to win a free 30-minute reading if you choose to post photos on Instagram with special hashtags provided.
Meet and greet does not include:
  • A private reading; all questions should be saved for the filming of the show.
  • Please do not share any personal information with OMENA during this time.
  • All interactions on camera are required to be fresh and organic.
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