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“I contacted Omena for guidance with a current traumatic experience. Not only did I learn how to deal with it, but also why this is happening to me – Karma from past lives.

The sheer volume of insights and details Omena provides in just one session is just as astounding as are the many different gifts she uses to get to that knowledge.

Omena is a treasure trove of information and wisdom, and I am delighted and honored that she agreed to become my spiritual coach to assist me on my journey.

I am a channeler as well as a client of Omena’s. I not only gain wonderful insight from her readings for me, I also quite often recommend that my clients have a session with Omena.

As a psychic medium and soul historian, Omena is one of the most gifted people I have ever met, equal in ability to some of the finest psychics of our times. Honest and straightforward, she gives each person the truth of what is happening with them, and offers insights into the personal motivations and unseen problems that are often found within our life situations.

Omena can clearly see into a situation and read what is happening quietly, behind the scenes, as well as sharing what each person’s true intention is. Just her ability to tell you which of the seven soul types you are is a huge gift in and of itself!

But go further–ask about your life mission, as well as your relationships, your work, and any health issues you want to ask about (she is a gifted medical intuitive), past lives, soul contracts, even what is happening behind the scenes with current events — her insights are priceless.

I have found her to be extremely honest and open, so prepare to hear the truth of the situation! It’s what we all need to hear! I am blessed to know Omena, as are all who work with her

She has confirmed things I always suspected about my life purpose, and has helped me to stay on course with suggested tools and practices that help me to stay motivated to achieve my goals. She has also helped me to solve nagging health issues after years of medical doctors being unable to help me.

If you have been led to Omena, do not hesitate to use her! She continuously proves to be an invaluable tool in my development as a person and as a soul. A true healer, with a true gift!

Omena did more in one hour to help me understand myself, than all the time I’ve spent in and out of therapy throughout my life. I really do feel like a weight has been lifted. She also has an incredible ability to make you feel at ease and enhance the ability to tap into your true inner spirit.

The reading you gave me the other day was truly one of the most incredible experiences of my life. You have an amazing gift! I have spent the last few days replaying everything you told me in my head and I’m still in shock that you were able to see such specific details about me, from this life and my past live’s. Also, your descriptions of my loved ones were so precise, it’s just amazing! Thank you Omena!

Recently, I had a session with Omena in order to get some clarity about some of my life themes. And I must say that she is truly a very gifted woman who is very specific and detailed in her answers.

She helped me to understand the passing of my dad and was able to explain to me many things that I could never figure out… Omena’s guidance was amazing and I gained a lot

At a retreat, I met a gifted woman who did readings for other women. I listened as she gave the first woman her reading. I asked Omena if she had a message for me. Omena said, all the time I was doing the previous reading, there was a tall man with a bicycle and helmet waiting patiently.

She closed her eyes and spoke Ray’s message. He wants you to know this: I am very sorry for the way I left you; however, if you had not gone that day, and if I had stayed, I would not have been able to leave, and it was my time to go. I love you. ”She explained, if you had been together, he would have fought to stay, and his passing would have been very difficult.

He would have suffered. She did not know the circumstances of his passing. I did not tell her the story. We had just met that day. I answered through my tears, My one solace is that he did not suffer.

I will stay in touch with you if that’s ok. You are a special person, and I can see, you have a lot of positive energy you share with people…and benefit their lives in a positive way. I’m glad to have met you and have you in my life.

Omena, you are such a gift to many – thank you for “popping up” again in my life!

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