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Welcome to the OMENA Channel!

My channel is about helping people –
“Enjoy Learning about yourself without feeling as if you are in therapy”. My Audios and videos educate and inform people who are searching to better understand, themselves and others; as to why they act think and feel the way they do.

Hi, my name is Philomena McGee aka OMENA the Soul Historian.

My videos are intended to stimulate and strengthen self-awareness. They touch people in a personal way. They are filled with insight and wisdom on how to obtain or reclaim your passion for life.

I offer practical insight on:

  1. Why you live life, the way you do
  2. Understanding your life’s purpose
  3. How to have a healthy relationship(s) and
  4. How to stop letting your PTSD get in the way of your happiness or success

In my videos, I cover topics like:

  • Fear
  • PTSD
  • Complex PTSD
  • Addictions
  • Shame
  • Relationships – Family, Friends, Associates
  • Self-worth
  • Soul power
  • How your soul impact your life today

All audios and videos are non-clinical and non-religious. Look for new audios and videos on Saturdays!



OMENA - plain talk about the Soul (Affirmation for Living)

OMENA - plain talk about the Soul (The Janet Love Show)

OMENA - plain talk about the Soul (The Empowered Lightworker Show part 1)

OMENA - plain talk about the Soul (The Empowered Lightworker Show part 2)

OMENA - plain talk about the Soul(The Emotional Pro Show)
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