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Where the power of intuition meets the magic of self-discovery

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Welcome to “OMENA’s Gift of Knowing” TV Talk Show, hosted by OMENA. This exceptional show merges intuition and wisdom, guiding you on a path of self-discovery and personal transformation.

Gain profound insights and healing as OMENA, with her extraordinary abilities as a clairvoyant, spiritual medium, and soul historian, offers fresh perspectives backed by years of experience in the human service field.

Each episode is a special journey featuring insightful conversations, providing clarity and wisdom on a broad spectrum of life’s questions. Explore new ways to perceive problems, discover more about yourself and others. Join OMENA for a practical and enlightening experience in every episode.

All OMENA requires is a first name, either yours or the person you are interest in and your relationship to them.


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Each episode of ” OMENA’s Gift of Knowing ” is a transformative experience,
creating a safe and supportive environment for guests to explore their life
challenges past, present and future.

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Our guests are the real stars, and they make our show a mix of
experiences that people can relate to.


“OMENA’s Gift of Knowing” airs on different Cox Public Access Enfield CT station Channel 15.

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